Warn for failrp - 2020-02-13 20:30:06




our In-Game Name: MI MARSOC Spaghet

Staff Member that warned you: Zwacky

Reason given for the warn: failrp

Date and time of the occurrence: 13-02-2020 21:05

Photographic/Video Evidence: there is no evidence, that is the point 

Other Information: So a civvillian hopped in my amv and i sat next to him because what he was doing made no sense, he was driving reckless very much and then he got out and walked away .

rmp comes at me and wants to arrest me for recklessy driving and resisting arrest.

I tried everything to avoid getting arrested because i didnt commit the crime and told that like 10 times . but they dont care , and i got warned for failrp because i avoided getting arrested , because i know if i got arrested i would be in jail for the next 30 minutes and got forgotten like always.

additional info : my marsoc skin is a huge error , then you are unable to see where i sit 

2020-02-13 21:33:00


Black Gangster

Senior Moderator

Hello there Spaghet.

In the sit i have been provided a video evidence of you trying to escape from RMP by trying to grapple hook  on top of the hills where staff members used to bring people for sits. You failed to grapple there and killed yourself because of it. In the sit the RMP (WO2 Jason) who called the sit explained that you were getting told to get on the ground. In the sit i have explained to you that if you are getting told to get on the ground you must do it, even though it is a false arrest, you must comply with their orders... Because you did not listen to their orders and killed yourself because you tried to escape from that situation by grapple hooking away from RMP. After listening to both sides of the incident, i decided to warn you for FailRP.

Kind Regards,
Trial-Moderator Zwacky.

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The staff member involved acted accordingly.


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