SOF - Applications - 2020-02-12 18:06:39




Applications for Special Operations Forces of Russian also know was "SOF".

SOF Loadout: HK416 (Going to be changed), AA12, AWM (Going to be changed), RPG-7, APmine, Breaching Charge, Molotov, Rope Restraint, All grenades (Gas, Frag, Flash, Smoke), and a GHOOK.

SOF Vehicles and Spawnables: Sniper Drone, Console, T-90, APC, Tiger Tank, MRAP, Humvee, White SUV, Truck, Armed Humvee, Osprey, BlackShark, Viper and Havoc.

To apply for SOF you only need to join our Discord: 

When denied, the person will be removed from the Discord, to re-apply again the person need to wait atleast 1 Week to re-apply again.