again banned for fuckd reasons - 2019-12-01 16:29:52




Your In-Game Name: Barta

Staff Member that banned you: Hax

Reason given for the ban:  GeneralRp 2/4 Minge 1/4 + 10 warns

Date and time of the occurrence: 01-12-19 5 pm

Photographic/Video Evidence: 

Reason for the minge and genrealRP here:

Other Information:

So what happened is i were in the bearcat u know and these people tried getting me out the enlisted kept going infront of my car i tried moveing away from him cuz u know i didnt wanna kill him as he kept going infront i couldnt really do anything about it so yea he died without me being able todo shit about it, the as Hax himself mentioned during the situation the reason of the minge warn and ban were that i said Bumpy Bumpy to the person landing a helicopter ontop of my vehicle (its a joke between me and the person in helicopter) and also that when driving off i were recklessly driving by hitting 1 tree in a bearcat which is allready really slippery to drive and ive actually never driven said vehicle before
the only warn here i see is valid is the one for generalRP as i did disobey an order from a COL and im fine with that warning just not the minge warn

as ive played on the server for what 2-3 years now ive never recieved a warning for minging and i deffinately have done this thing many times before and also seen it happen many times before and i really dont see it fitting that i were banned for minging here.

2019-12-01 16:40:58


Hax | #TF2Center

Senior Moderator

Hey Barta,

You were reported for breaking the rule 1.1 of RDM and the Rule 1.4 of Minge. In the sit I reviewed the video evidence provided and came to a conclusion that you running that Enlisted over didn't count as RDM, due to him standing in front of your car and being outside the base for some reason. In the video provided it is evident that you have broken the rule 4.1 of General RP (Which lead to the Enlisted being run over as mentioned earlier). And regarding the Minge Warn you were clearly not taking the situation seriously, by saying phrases like you mentioned yourself and driving recklessly without a real reason to do so, therefore you received a warn for breaking the rule 1.4 of Minge on top of the GeneralRP Warn. 

With Regards,

Trial Moderator Hax

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I did take the situation serious and if u look at the ending of the video i actually did return to the base walking from RT to come back as i saw what i did were wrong but ofc u didnt notice that neither..... 

but fucking driving recklessly in a bearcat and while i had to not be shoot by an RPG which u are able to see being shot at me and blowing up down the road as he missed and also an SRR sniping at me and i only hit 1 tree on my way away u cant say driving recklessly for that.... 

and by saying Bumpy Bumpy is a fucking joke that me and the pilot have for reasons people wont understand u can ask the man urself....

were playing a fucking game its for fun but we can do that for u clearly banning people for god know what reasons anymore.

2019-12-01 17:21:14



Head Admin


With the video evidence provided, it clearly shows you breaking GeneralRP after being told to step out of the vehicle by a higher ranking individual in the military. Furthermore, in regards to your Minge ban, you were clearly just messing around as a whole which leads to this punishment.
The staff member in question has acted correctly.


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