Saint doesnt let "anyone join" - 2019-12-01 16:28:58


Captain Price


Your In-Game Name: MI SRR 2Lt Jason Breckan

Player you are reporting: MI EXO 3RD WM Saint

Reason for the report: I was doing a exo tryout with my friend tylerr, when it began there was this adverted [MR] EXO GHOST TRYOUTS | ROBOTS | Anyone can join | TANKS / DRONES/ HELIS | 1 STRIKE | 1 SLOT | Dropzone | 4 MIN"  We went along with the tryout, completing everything flawlessly until this happened. At the end of the tryout, saint made us go into the KH and 1v1 best of 3 ( so he said after I won) and after it went 3v2 to me, he gave tylerr another chance, we were in a vc at this point and knew he was just trying to stop me from joining. After the second chance, I lost and I got told this "[Royal EXO Assault Bot] MI EXO 3rd WM Saint: Cool Jason fuck off you are dismissed thats why you listen to Forge when you are in his squad"

Photographic/Video Evidence:

2019-12-01 16:46:45


Commander Forge



ok im the Owner of EXO assault Bot and Royal EXO Advanced, As we have paid for our own slots and that we have the choose who gets them it is down to us if you are allowed to join or not. We host Tryouts to allow people to Join our Custom Regiment for free allowing people to relax a bit and have fun. saying this Due to the fact you disrespected me and my fellow EXOs during the mission the other day i dont find you Suitable to join my Regiment therefor you are not welcome to get a free slot. In future respect the orders and words of other regiments and other players because this is the knock on effect of your actions, Thank is the end of it.

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Exo is a custom regiment, therefore, they are allowed to control who joins and who leaves their regiment unless they are on their own slot.


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