Copycat's ban appeal - 2019-11-01 18:16:45


big muscle man copycat


Your In-Game Name: Copycat

Staff Member that warned you: Bodges

Reason given for the warn: shooting a heli in cz

Date and time of the occurrence: 6:10 PM BST, 1.1.19

Photographic/Video Evidence: N/A

Other Information: i was in CZ, a heli shot at us and as i remember also hit us, everyone that was in CZ started shooting at the heli, but it was a little bird, not harzel's black viper (which i shot), and somehow from the 6 other people that shot... noone hit
i was banned for 12h:30m

- Copycat

2019-11-01 20:08:48



Head Admin

Hello Copycat,

I have brought this appeal to the staff members' attention and will be waiting for a response to deal with the case further.

I do believe I was the player who reported you and if that is correct I will pass this onto someone else.


2019-11-01 20:17:39


Sir Bodges


Hello Copycat,

You were brought into a sit after you were reported for vehicle engagement, I was informed that you shot Harzel's helicopter without asking for ID, as I could see in chat logs this was the case. You said that you along with Joe shot at the helicopter because it bombed you but Harzel hadn't shot any rockets and it was in fact an Armed LB that was shooting. Along with that the LB crashed after bombing so it should have been clear who bombed you. You also stated there was three helicopters in the Conflict Zone. You did not know which one of them bombed you and even so you decided to shoot. In this case you started shooting at a friendly helicopter due to you thinking, not knowing that he shot at you. Therefore because you shot at the friendly helicopter without asking for ID you were issued with a warning for Vehicle Engagement. I informed you that if you do not know who shot at you then you do not shoot back as this leads to trouble. If there is three helicopters and you do not know which one it was then you should always ask for ID. So again in this case due to you shooting at a vehicle which was the wrong vehicle without asking for ID resulted with both you and Joe receiving a warning for Vehicle Engagement and then the appropriate ban. In the future you should never engage unless you are 100% sure that it is who you should be shooting and in this case only you and Joe were found to have shot it as it was in logs and without any evidence that others shot then they could not be warned.

-Trial Moderator Bodges.

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2019-11-08 20:15:30


Lauta Hool



Whenever engaging anything or anyone, you need to be 100% sure that you are allowed to do so without breaking the rules, as in the end you are the one who is responsible for who you shoot.

Many thanks,
Head Administrator - Lauta.