Owens warn appeal/ban - 2019-10-10 22:59:12




Your In-Game Name: Owen

Staff Member that warned you: Evoo

Reason given for the warn:  Lieing to staff/ Fear RP

Date and time of the occurrence:10/10/19 at around 10:20pm

Photographic/Video Evidence:N/A

Other Information:FearRp: So I was realseing this prisoner from jail at FE and whilst in my car I hear someone walkIng to it so I get out of the car and with my gun out and this TA says get on the ground so I kill him and another staff member (sujeg) saw from a distance but had no audio to say when the TA said on the floor but said it was evidence even though  It is not Because the TA said get on the ground when I was out of the car but the staff member who saw only saw him around my car when I heard his footsteps // Lying to staff: As I said I was outside of the car when the TA said get on the ground but they thought I was in I got warned for lieing even though I was not.(Also it is more better if I told whoever reviews this in a VC so please DM on discord please so we can talk. My name on discord is owen).

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Hello Owen!

When you were brought to the sit you were reported for FearRP. After I gave you the information that I was given from John Gollop I asked for your side of the story and when you started explaining it to me, another staff member interrupted to say that he was spectating and he saw what happened exactly(Because you didn't say the truth).
At first, you said you were outside your car as you state in the appeal, but at the end of the sit, you changed the story and saying"I was in the car and when John came there and aimed I hoped outside" and that's why you were warned for lying to staff.

Thank you for taking the time to appeal like I said you should if you felt the punishment was invalid.

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Head Admin


Your warning for Lying To Staff will be revoked as it seems your story is all over the place and not being able to explain your side appropriately, therefore, your warning for FearRP will be staying as there is little evidence to show you did not break FearRP so your FearRP warning will be staying.

HarzeL,                                                                                                                                                        Administrator.

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Hello evoo  

First of all at the start of the sit I saidI was not in the car when John said get on the ground but at then end of the sit I said I was in the car when I heard footsteps and then I got out of the car with my gun out then John told me to get on the ground so I killed him. And with the staff witness never heard any audio and saw from a fare because when I heard footsteps that was John around my car and the witness could have thought he saId get on the ground right at the start but he did not when I was out of my car with gun out John then said get on the ground and that's where the witness could have got confused and not understood the full situation.  


Kind regards Owen 

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