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1.1 - RDM
  • Do not RDM (Random Deathmatch) without a valid RP reason.
  • Friendly fire will not be tolerated under ANY circumstances.
1.2 - FailRP
  • You must act in a manner that you would in the position that you are playing as.
  • Talking out of character over voice chat.
  • You cannot despawn your vehicle unless you and your vehicle are near the vehicle spawner.
  • Rocket launchers, grenade launchers and Rocket Drones are only to be used on vehicles, drones or helicopters.
  • For custom jobs, it is compulsory that you listen to the orders of the Ground Commanders. Failure to do so is classed as FailRP.
  • Grappling hooks may only be used for RP scenarios, including the following: Climbing the direction of upwards (buildings or a mountain or the wall of base) , slowing yourself down when jumping down a mountain or vertical faced building (by attaching to the object and slowing your fall) and rappelling from a helicopter. Bhopping or Spidermanning with the grappling hook is punishable or abusing the UTILITY in any other way will be the same punishment. The Grappling Hook is NOT a weapon, it is a UTILITY.
  • While playing as a Chicken, one must not make any other sounds besides any sounds that chickens produce nor use the normal or comms chat. You may use the /me command for actions and any OOC chat. You cannot follow instructions and you can’t do anything with /me actions that a chicken wouldn’t do. Mic spamming is at the full discretion of staff members.
  • The usage of slams inside a moving vehicle is classed as FailRP.
  • The following Anti-Air vehicles are not allowed to be used on infantry:
    • M42A1 Duster
  • You are not allowed to do a hostage sit in an armoured vehicle or a helicopter.

1.3 - FearRP
  • You are considered to be under FearRP when you are in line of sight of a visibly armed person, who is within microphone range of you and is able to harm your character at that moment. You must act afraid of armed people and life-threatening situations.
  • You must follow the orders of the person(s) who have you under FearRP, and you may not draw a weapon on them or attack them. FearRP applies to melee weapons and tasers if you are within the effective range (except if in a vehicle).
  • You may not run away from someone who has you under FearRP and is pointing a gun/taser at you unless they specifically order you to.
  • You are not under FearRP if you are also visibly armed, this applies in a 1:1 situation. Visibly armed in the context of FearRP means that you have your weapon out and in your hands, regardless of safety mode. You are not considered visibly armed when you are seated in a vehicle, regardless of whether you are holding a weapon in hand or not.
  • If someone switches from a gun to handcuffs/rope to detain you, FearRP still applies. In this case, being restrained carries an implicit order not to move unless told otherwise.
  • You are considered to be under FearRP if you are outnumbered 2:1.
  • You are not considered under FearRP if the opposing party has made it obvious their intentions are to kill you (e.g. shooting directly at you)
  • FearRP applies even if you are in an armed/normal vehicle, the only exceptions are: Tanks, APCs, the MRAP, the Bearcat and the Riot.
1.4 - Minge
  • Do not mess around on the server, use common sense.
1.5 - Metagame
  • Achieving knowledge out of an RP situation and bringing it into an RP situation.
  • Knowing that TA regiments are of a TA regiment, they are considered civilian until proven otherwise.
1.6 - Powergame
  • You can't force a roleplay scenario if it is not possible in-game.
  • Forcing someone into an RP situation without their consent.
  • "Tying to Belts/Walls" is not allowed, cuffs must be used instead.
1.7 - Moderation Compliance
  • Members of staff know best, failure to follow their rulings will result in punishment.
  • Failure to comply with a staff members decision and/or answer will result in punishment.
1.8 - New Life Rule
  • If you die you cannot remember anything from your previous life.
  • You cannot return to the area of your death for 2 minutes.
  • If you die you can't return to the same spot nor shoot towards the people involved in your previous death again unless you've encountered them once more and they shot at you.
  • If you die when participating in a hostage situation you cannot return to the area or help with the situation until it is over.
  • If you leave the server to avoid an in character punishment e.g Jail time, PT, etc you may be subject to it when you rejoin the server.


2.1 - Faction Engagement
  • Suicide bombers are KOS (model has yellow satchels strapped to them).
  • You cannot sit outside of the Enemy base and kill people who exit (This is seen as unfair and spawn camping).
  • Any Enemy Faction member past the base gate is KOS.
  • Any Non Military personnel who pass the forest entrance or the radio tower road entrance onto the base ring road are KOS (Kill on Sight).
  • You may fire upon Enemies if they are in base and unaccompanied by a member of the military with a Ground Commander's authorization.
  • You cannot fire upon Enemies in base if they are surrendering.
  • You cannot engage members of the enemy faction if they are directly involved in a tryout (hosting, supervising, attending...).
  • You can engage members of the TA faction if:
    - They are inside a conflict area.
    - TA Inside TA base shoot you.
    - They are part of a hostage situation.
    - They are refusing to leave areas of importance e.g a location being used by the Military for a mission etc.
    - They are carrying out terrorist-like acts e.g taking hostages, shooting MI, use of explosives, etc.
  • You can engage members of the MI faction if:
    - They are inside the conflict area.
    - MI Inside MI Base shoot you.
    - They are taking another TA prisoner.
    - They are refusing to leave areas of importance e.g a location being used by the Taliban for a mission etc.
    - They are obstructing any terrorist-like acts e.g taking hostages, shooting TA, etc.
2.2 - Hostage Sits
  • You must declare in open comms who has been taken hostage and the demand.
  • There can only be one hostage sit every 60 minutes, this timer starts after a hostage has ended.
  • You as the hostage-taker needs to give the military at least 10 minutes to respond before you kill the hostage.
  • Once a hostage sit has finished, you must advert that it's over.
2.3 - Taliban Bomber
  • There is a maximum of three people allowed to be a bomber at a time.
  • You must give the Military 10 seconds to comply with demands before you can use the bomb.
  • You may use the bomb on the Military if they are firing upon you and you are within bombing distance.
  • You must attempt not to have team casualties when you suicide.
  • If you are seen by the Military, you are KOS.
  • FearRP does not apply to Taliban Bomber, they may surrender but do not have to.
  • Bombers have a special NLR time of 5 minutes, instead of 2 minutes.
2.4 - Entering Military Base
  • You may enter base if you have been granted by a Ground Commander and are accompanied by atleast 2 members of the military. If this is the case you may not pull out a weapon.
  • Please note that if a TA is seen in the base, they are KOS.
  • Entering Base with (Tanks/APCs) is not allowed.
  • You may enter base only if you are sneaking in to take a hostage or break someone out of prison, but you must follow the conditions stated below:
  • You cannot enter and start shooting.
  • If you get caught, you must surrender; you mustn’t shoot your way out of it.
  • You must communicate to your faction that you are sneaking into the base before you do so.
2.5 - Vehicle Engagement (Armed Vehicles and Helicopters)
  • You cannot order vehicles to leave an area which you do not own.
  • You can only order vehicles to leave an area if it is your base or you are doing something like a hostage situation or mission in a specific area.
  • You cannot fire at a vehicle just because it is of the other faction only if it engages you or has someone inside of it has engaged you.
  • You must ask a vehicle for ID and give it 10 seconds before engaging it.
  • If you ID an armed vehicle/Helicopter and the armed vehicle/Helicopter is being occupied by a Civilian, MI are allowed to engage or arrest.
2.6 - Drone Engagement
  • You cannot order drones to leave an area which you do not own.
  • You can only order drones to leave an area if it is your base or you are doing something like a hostage situation or mission in a specific area.
  • You cannot shoot a drone down just because it is of the other faction only if it engages you.
  • You must ask a drone for ID and give it 10 seconds before you are allowed to shoot it down.
2.7 - Merc Engagement
  • Merc's are allowed in the base.
  • Merc's are KOS in the base if they got a gun out unless they are working for a military.
  • When placing a hit you need to have a valid reason that is written in /pm or normal chat. mercenary will only kill the target, extra kills count as RDM.
  • When they are on Bodyguards Duty, the employer must advert they got a Mercenary working for them on MR or ER chat.
  • If you have got a hit request you must /ad Hit accepted or /ad Hit denied.
  • If the hit is a failure or success you must /ad Hit failed,/ad Hit completed.
  • Merc's are neutral units however outside base they follow Civ/TA rules.
2.8 - Base Attacks
  • Base Attacks can only be done when there is a TA in jail or the MI have committed hostile actions against the whole TA faction.
  • Only Insurgent Leaders, Special Insurgents, and Insurgent Commanders can grant or start Base Attacks, if they do, they cannot then switch to another job to attend.
  • You must be inside the MI base when attacking or trying to get into the main gate.
  • Base Attacks can be done every 60 minutes (Check with staff for when the last attack happened if unsure)
  • You can choose to leave the base during the base attack but you cannot re-enter the base that will count as your attack.
  • To assist in a base attack you must type /ad ASSIST within 20 seconds of the base attack advert.
  • When you do /ad Base Attack you must also write the reason e.g /ad Base Attack - You have one of our men in jail.
2.9 - Town Raids
  • Town Raids can only occur when there are 10+ TA online.
  • Town Raids can only be done if the TA have done something to provoke it e.g Base Attack, hostage situation, etc.
  • You can choose to leave the base during the raid but cannot re-enter the base, that will count as your attack.
  • Only Brigadier and above can start a Town Raid.
  • MI can take prisoners if they wish.
  • MI cannot attack unarmed Civilians within the TA base during the raid.
  • Town Raids can be done every 60 minutes (Check with staff for when the last attack happened if unsure)
  • To assist in a Town Raid you must type /ad ASSIST within 20 seconds of the Town Raid advert.


3.1 - Disrespect
  • Insulting a member of staff or a member of the community.
  • Being over the top towards members.
  • Impersonating members of the community.
3.2 - Racism
  • Any form of racism is not permitted on the server.
3.3 - Excessive Swearing
  • Using excessive amounts of swearing in-game and OOC.
  • Swearing without any RP behind it or any point whatsoever.
3.4 - OOC/IC (Out of Character / In Character) Spam
  • Spamming chat in-game including both in character and out of character
  • Spamming the microphone in-game including music, continuous transmission, and general mic spamming.
3.5 - Violence and Harassment
  • Do not promote violence or harassment.
  • You may promote terrorism in an RP situation as any form of a terrorist organization.
  • You can not continuously annoy a member of the community, no matter other scenarios.
3.6 - Advertising
  • Do not promote any community or website, this will result in a permanent ban.
3.7 - Hacking
  • Do not use any third-party modifications, this will result in a permanent ban.
3.8 - Lying to Staff
  • Intentionally giving staff false information.


4.1 - General RP
  • You must listen to higher ranks.
  • Do not ask to be whitelisted to a job that you have not been given by a higher up.
  • Any live ammunition training must have an advert stating that there is a training session in progress with the regiment involved and the location.
  • As a Taliban member, you may execute military personnel, but you must follow the conditions stated below:
  • He must be stripped.
  • Hostages that are advertised to be killed, shall NOT be killed until the 3 minutes is over.
  • The advert needs to include the general location (UCT, LCT, AF, Bunker).
  • You cannot execute people or do hostage situations inside, or directly outside of the TA Base.
  • When doing a public execution, you are not allowed to put the hostage in line of fire. He must be in a safe location.
4.2 - Entity Without Permission
  • All friendly regiments must request to Ground Commanders (Or the highest-ranking officer if none are available) before spawning in their specialized entity.
  • Ground Commanders are not to allow aircraft or land vehicles out the base without a detailed reason to do so.
4.3 - Multiple Regiments
  • By default, you are only allowed to be a member of 1 friendly public regiment and 1 public enemy regiment.
  • If you wish to join another friendly or Enemy regiment you must get yourself unwhitelisted or purchase our "Two Public Regiments" package.
4.4 - Maximum Vehicles
  • A maximum of 4 aircraft is permitted to be in the air at once.
  • You can only have one drone spawned in at all times. If your drone is shot down you need to go back to get it from it's last known location or despawn it if you don't want to fix it.
  • You can not spawn in a drone, have it shot down and spawn in another one without deleting the previous drone.
  • 5 Armoured vehicles per faction, this rule can be negated in case of an Event or Training.
4.5 - Attacking the Spawn
  • You cannot kill ANY players inside the spawn under any circumstances.
  • If they are breaking the rules try to arrest them or call a member of staff does not shoot or kill them.
4.6 - Tryout Strike Misuse
  • You must have strikes for private tryouts depending on the Regiment.
    TRM - 3 Strikes; RAC - 2 Strikes; RAF - 2 Strikes; RMP - 2 Strikes; TPR - 2 Strikes; SAS - 1 Strike; SRR - 1 Strike
  • All Tryouts from SGT and above Have a 1 Strike Rule, this applies for all Mentioned Regiments.

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