[MRP] Reapers Event Staff Application - 2020-08-01 19:45:29


Plaz Reaper


In-Game Name: Reaper

Age: 15

Location and Time-Zone: United Kingdom, BST

How long have you played on our community? (Use !time in-game): 24 Days

How many warnings do you currently have on our server? 1 Warning

How many hours do you have on Garry's Mod? Around 1500 Hours

Do you have access to a microphone? Yes.

What is your name on Discord (eg. Callum#7915) and are you currently active on our Discord server? Plaz Reaper#4301 and yes I am active on the discord server.

Describe one mission and one event that you have in mind for the enjoyment of the community. 
Mission: There is an enemy FOB at Industrial and there is a large amount of hostiles in the area and there is an enemy commander, they are selling illegal weapons to civilians in the surrounding area, All regiments will have there own roles SRR would take a position where they can see the whole of industrial, RMP would wait at CT waiting for the go ahead to move in so with TRM. RAC will rush in with tanks and etc. The objective is to confiscate all the weapons and interrogate the enemy commander. 

Event: A load of locations have been taken over including CT, Industrial, UCT and LCT, this intel has been given from SRR's 267ss, there is also a lot of enemy activity within these locations, MI have to take these locations back and secure them. But there is a massive enemy resistance including Tanks, Artillery and armed helicopters and etc. This is the biggest resistance that MI have seen. MI have to take back all these locations without alerting the enemy commanders that have been placed in these locations. All regiments have will have there own specific roles in this event so RMP would capture the enemy commanders, SRR will scout out all the areas before all regiments push in and so on.

Have you got past experience with hosting events or missions? (If yes, give examples): I have hosted an event in RMP but thats it here is the file: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1GH5AYkEtu6szkvjKANkTHlhRNHox1s8CSJodRGF_Huk/edit

Why should you be a member of the event staff? I think there has been a lack of Event Staff on MRP and I think that is one of the reasons why MRP is dying because it is not really fun if there is no events on, so I want to be one of the people to make the server fun and popular again because in my opinion I think the more events on the server the more fun it would be. Also I think I am respected by others and I am always respectful towards others, that is why I want to be Event Staff.