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[HP-14] M. Hedin


Your In-Game Name: TA USF MSGT Bubisha

Player you are reporting: Event Staff Jack?

Reason for the report: I was kicked for "ruining events" after being told that I was allowed to kill MI. I para dropped into the FOB, killed a person, and got immediately kicked for "stop ruining events". Other TA we're constantly updating on kills as in "one down/2 down" etc. and weren't kicked.

Date and time of the occurrence: 8/1/2020 6:38 PM GMT+2

Photographic/Video Evidence: 

Other Information: The event was a mission where MI had to breach CT and kill off NPCs and promptly take it as an FOB I presume. TA was told after asking that we're allowed to kill any MI we see inside the FOB. At least my comrades were so I listened to them and did the exact thing they did.

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From what i heard, you were kicked for killing the interogator  which ruined the event, not for killing MI

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Oh yeah. I stated in OOC that anyone that interrupted the event in any way would be kicked. I let you roam around originally and I believe you stated that you killed 10-15 MI in OOC however this might be incorrect and because there was also another person doing the same thing.

Again this wasn’t effecting the event remotely so I let you be.

You then proceeded to I believe Tac Insert or drop from a heli breaking NLR just to kill the person interrogating which I told people not to interrupt. If you read, I told all TA to back off meaning that the killings slowed and so coming in to kill the interrogator went against all forms of RP. I acted in a manor I believe benefited everyone in the event and it was done so the event could be carried on. If you feel it was not justified then feel free to respond. You were clearly there with no intentions to Roleplay. 

3 SAS on the roof. You paradrop knowing it was never going to end well but you wanted to ruin the event. I have nothing else to say to you. 

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Sir Bodges





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