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MrRyRy | twitch.tv/mrryry


In-Game Name: Soap

Age: 19

Location and Time-Zone: BST, UK Time

How long have you played on our community? (Use !time in-game): Command doesnt work last i known off staff 31 Hours, Probably 50 by now.

How many warnings do you currently have on our server? 0

How many hours do you have on Garry's Mod? 2.1k Hours

Do you have access to a microphone? Yes

What is your name on Discord (eg. Callum#7915) and are you currently active on our Discord server? Mr. RyRy#1074, very active in all RRP Discord's

Describe one mission and one event that you have in mind for the enjoyment of the community. 

[Mission Idea] - A nice little briefing "A Recent report has came in, A Jedi Youngling was taken in his Sleep by CIS Droids. Many Jedi tried to help in time but the droids managed to take him away just in time in a Tri-Fighter. The Tri-Fighter landed a small bit away from base due to engine failure they wont be there long you must hurry and go find the Youngling and Get him back to the Jedi at once, We cant allow this Youngling to be Turned Sith or Killed."

Simply we would place a Smoking Frozen Tri-Fighter somewhere in the Wastelands surrounded By Droids and a Youngling in Cuffs. All Regiments are to organise themselves as fast as possible to save the Youngling out in the wasteland with Air Patrols looking out for several incoming Ships and a Maleficent on its way to Pick up the Youngling to take him away. All regiments will have 15 Minutes to get there destroy the droids and prevent an Aerial invasion trying to take him back. Once the Aerial invasion is done We must return to Jedi to the HQ so a Jedi Master and CE can return him to the Temple. On our way back the Power Cuts and the Base has been Filled with droids prepared to try and take him again. We must destroy all droids and secure the base before letting the youngling go back.

[Event Idea] - A Nice Briefing " Recently we have noticed multiple ships disappear around the Outer Rim, We suspect CIS activity but no Life Support requests or Emergency calls have been made back to base, We think they might have something new taking out all our Ships in that area and may be trying to prevent us from getting to our Medical Centres on Kamino. We sent a Fleet there recently to figure out whats happening, Once again Reports are empty and no Response, We figure this may be a large ship with a New Weapon to destroy us. We are sending you all to go investigate and sort this out."

We then load the new map for this in which we are inside a Massive ship and we have technically already started the Invasion (Not many maps look too different from Rishimoon with a Massive Ship above it) Newest intel says all our ships are badly damaged an the on Foot assault must start, We must make our way through the ship destroying every droid we find before the Ship gets to Kamino and Launches its newest Cannon at the Medic Bays.

Have you got past experience with hosting events or missions? (If yes, give examples): Yes, Used to be a GC SCO II on MRP and hosted many Events there with make shift ideas due to no event staff at the time, Multiple missions included finding a Mission Bomb that could destroy an entire Country, Preventing a new plague and a All out War in our Fields. All of which went very successfully i believe. 

Why should you be a member of the event staff? I believe more mind make more missions and events some with better results and some with lesser results, i believe i could potentially make Events and Missions better in certain ways with more plot and involvement with everyone.

Additional Details

Are you currently active within the community? Very Active i would say, Always communicating with anyone who wishes.

Would you consider yourself creative when it comes to missions or fun events? Yes, I believe i have a very creative mind and love the work of making new stories or finding a way of making a story into a playable experience.

Do you agree to host a minimum of one event per week? Yes, It will be more then that but yes.

Do you have any references from anyone currently part of the Event Staff team? Damian / Sebastian, Good Friend and Knows me well to say i would be a good fit.

2020-07-31 18:43:48


ッ HarzeL

Head Admin


Please contact a Head Administrator from the CWRP server over discord at your earliest convenience to arrange your interview. Before doing so ensure that you read through the following presentation and make sure you are familiar with it all as you will be tested on it during your interview.

Head Administrator.

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