Damian's Event Staff App - 2020-06-29 17:41:42




In-Game Name: Vice Chief of Defence Staff Damian

Age: 20

Location and Time-Zone: England BST 

How long have you played on our community? (Use !time in-game):  5 Weeks / 35 Days 

How many warnings do you currently have on our server? 0

How many hours do you have on Garry's Mod? 1450 Hours

Do you have access to a microphone? Yes i Do

What is your name on Discord and are you currently active on our Discord server? Sebastian_XD#0546 yes i am active on discord 

Describe one mission and one event that you have in mind for the enjoyment of the community. 

[Mission Idea] - I would Create a compound / Reinforce an existing location on the map and give it some lore for example a Russian Supply or repair facility/outpost and place objectives for people to do, Such as Place Crates for RLC to pick up with drones and RTB with them, Vehicles that need to be lock picked or destroyed, Maps or intel Crates of sorts needing to be retrieved Via Ground rather then air and more. Later i would Call people to IAA (either using my MoD Uniform) Or id pass the gavel to someone else for example balangas or hax and put them in charge of commanding the friendly forces on ground whilst i focus on the staff side of the mission. Id later place hostile NPC's, Drive vehicles such as armed bulldogs or tanks to increase the immersion and overall make the mission more enjoyable. I'd also keep an eye on the MI comms to see if there are any issues that i could fix for example create an ambush for SRR that are in the hills or when MI is RTBing have hostiles intercept them and they have to defend a location of sorts. As event staff the possibilities are endless and honestly it'd take me a full day to describe every single idea/detail i have in mind.

[Event Idea] - Due to the fact that its the event server i have a lot of freedom on missions i can host. Lets say for this scenario that the NATO forces in Afghanistan are getting pushed back hard by the Taliban forces and require our support. i Could get all the MI involved in this scenario. For example i would send half the regiments such as TRM, SAS and RAC to a location that they have to storm and destroy whilst having RMP, RLC, SRR and RAF defend the LZ/deployment zone from hostiles. Whilst the Defence stage regiments defend the LZ and "Distract the taliban forces" TRM, SAS and RAC could be safer and use that as an excuse to breach a location which in this case could be a bunker of sorts. They would be tasked with entering, clearing all the hostiles and retrieving something such as Transmissions, Missile codes or something of sorts, i could go as far as to say that the talibans took some scientists hostage and told them to create a , man made virus of sorts that MI have to retrieve at all costs in order to prevent a world class disaster from happening. From there this would create stepping stones for missions and events on the Main server such as a scripted ambush or leakage of the virus.

Have you got past experience with hosting events or missions? (If yes, give examples): Yes i do for example Operation chroma, Intel retrieval, facility destruction, scripted base defences,Counter strike Event, Equipment Re-acquisitions, Operation Snowflake, Black hawk down sorts of mission. (not all of them have names due to the fact they are spontaneous when i see people are bored or have nothing to do)  

Why should you be a member of the event staff? I think i should be an Event staff member because i know i can host events that the community can enjoy and i know that i can help my fellow event staff if they need it. Furthermore i have close communication with generals of all regiments so i know what the people would like to see, when and so on. 

Additional Details

Are you currently active within the community? Indeed i am

Would you consider yourself creative when it comes to missions or fun events? I believe i am creative, and i believe my missions are fun, after every mission/event i hosted with ES support i conducted a vote and the votes were never in the negatives. There are sometimes -1's about fun but thats mainly client side issues such as FPS drop, that is what the people i asked constructive criticism from had told me. (i have screenshots of the votes in MoD chat if you would like to see for your selves.) 

Do you agree to host a minimum of one event per week? I agree to host a minimum of 1 event per week

Do you have any references from anyone currently part of the Event Staff team? Event staff member Jack and event staff member Viper had given me their reference for Event Staff.