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Trial Moderator


In-Game Name: Shiro

Age: 15

Location and Time-Zone: GMT.

How long have you played on our community? (Use !time in-game): 3 Weeks.

How many warnings do you currently have on our server? 3.

How many hours do you have on Garry's Mod? 2,200.

Do you have access to a microphone? Yes.

What is your name on Discord (eg. Callum#7915) and are you currently active on our Discord server? shiro#0003, and I am very active on the discord server.

Describe one mission and one event that you have in mind for the enjoyment of the community. 

[Mission Idea] - Operation Takeover.

Main Brief

Operation Takeover.

As of recent, unnamed hostile forces have completely taken over Waterfall - SE, and soon, we believe our very own Airfield is next. We need to take them out, destroy their buildings, raid their equipment and steal their intel as soon as possible, before they become an even bigger threat.

Intel states that they have a wide arsenal ready and waiting, and soon plan to launch a wide-scale takeover. We already know they have 2 bases in the immediate area of FL, along with multiple groups of armed forces surrounding the area.

Each regiment has their own individual brief, which is all extremely important to the mission, and it is vital each job is carried out to the best of your ability, to ensure that the takeover is secured, and we can wipe out all of their forces before they further grow in size, relevancy and grow their arsenal.

Each regimental Debrief can be found below.

SAS Briefing

TRM Briefing

SRR Briefing

RAF Briefing

RLC Briefing

RAC Briefing

RMP Briefing

[Event Idea] -  Operation Intelligence [Debrief Doc.]

Workshop Map

Recently one of our offshore data centers has been breached and infiltrated by an unknown hostile force. At the moment, we are unaware of their motive or intentions, and we aren’t going to sit around, waiting to find out. SAS and TRM will be deploying outside of the data center. Your job will be working together to clear out the building of hostile forces.

We believe they have our data scientists and technicians hostage, so you will need to ensure you rescue them and keep them safe at all times, as they are high value employees, and after interviewing the [Possible] hostages and checking the bodies of the hostiles, we may be able to find out who these attackers are.

Once you arrive at the building, your main goal will be locating the server room [Last Known condition Of Server Room.] Once you arrive in the server room, you will need to choose a trusted few to defend this, place fortifications and ensure everyone is safe and the data servers remain undamaged.

After clearing the building, you will need to ensure there is a direct safe passage from the entrance to the server room, as we will have backup arriving to completely secure the site, meaning SAS and TRM will be able to RTB safely.

Have you got past experience with hosting events or missions? (If yes, give examples): I have hosted, and assisted 2 missions in the past. One, was a joint mission between RLC and SRR, in which I was hosting. [RLC Mission Brief]

Why should you be a member of the event staff

I want to put something into the server for once. Personally, I love the idea of event staff, and everything that comes with it. I remember seeing an event staff member last year, building in the city and small events being made. A position on the event staff team would give me a chance to put more into the server, and gives me and others more to do, rather than hovering round and coming on each day with nothing to do, i can give others things to do - all while having fun in the process. I know full well that, if I was to be accepted, and misused the job, or any of my powers, I would be removed from the position faster than I got it. If i was to be accepted as event staff, i feel like it could possibly allow me to clean my slate, in a way, and prove that i actually care about the server and RP. 

I have a few ideas for events with me right now, i know i will have more to come, and i am more than willing to take suggestions from other players in the server, work with them and implement it into an ingame event. I’d love to be an event staff as it gives players something to do, keeps them on the server and overall increases roleplay and fun.

Additional Details

Are you currently active within the community? 

I would say I am extremely active, as I play on the server for a few hours every day.

Would you consider yourself creative when it comes to missions or fun events?

 I would consider myself creative when it comes to missions or events. I have multiple ideas, and if i was to be accepted into event staff, i would experiment and do my best to form more ideas and events for those on the server.

Do you agree to host a minimum of one event per week? 

 I would always be able to host a minimum of one event a week.

Do you have any references from anyone currently part of the Event Staff team? 

I do not.

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Head Admin


Please contact a Head Administrator on discord as soon as possible. Before doing so ensure that you read through the following presentation and make sure you are familiar with it all as you will be tested on it during your interview. 

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