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28-06-2020, 16:00

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https://imgur.com/a/n3QCM1z - how it should've been handled

Other Information:

Was being captured, and was told to get inside the vehicle, but only by people whom were sitting inside the armoured vehicle.

There is an unwritten rule, that you aren't able to hear verbal commands through armour, being it tank, mraps, apcs, etc. - RAC are even told this in their training, and that they need to use comms to communicate outside the vehicle.

And as I was never told any commands, in hearing "distance", I didnt act on anything said - other than the "what?" which was an indication on my inaudibility.

- I was warned for this, and the staff who warned me, Ryann, even acknowledged the fact that they were both speaking within the armoured truck, and wanted to void the warn.

Some say that the armour of this particular vehicle is not "thick" enough, to be sound-blocking - and to that I'll say that either it's possible to hear through all armoured vehicles, or it isn't - having an unwritten rule with exceptions, is wack.

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After a review of your evidence with someone  (i wont give the name of) we thought about how if you were hostage you would get in the car if the person carrying you is in the car. Gmod isn't a fully fledged game so we can't put you in the car so we have to ask you, but in real life you would just throw them in. I feel you would hear through the window when he is shouting even though its armoured, windows won't be as thick also its not a valid rule but don't hold me on that. This isn't the longest video so we don't know previous events. Although Eisenhower was in the car before he spoke while he's outside you should imply that he wants you in the car as they are in danger and even though Military are close you would still feel life threatened. This is all that i'm going to say on that matter. 

Sorry if i'm incorrect

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I got the fact that you told it in RAC, by an RAC member, which is why im refering to it. - and being told in RAC or in SOF, the case still stands, this is a common practice that is told around the server.
And Salah, saying "its not that armoured" - its still categorized as an armoured vehicle. And if you would take the time to actually read the whole thread-post, you'll see I've already commented on this topic, because I knew people would come with those "reasonings"; as you proved me correct.

And It seems like I have to remind people, repeatedly, that commenting on appeals and reports, that doesnt involve you, isnt allowed.
(This was a respons to another comment, which has been deleted - which is why i've darkened this text now)


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Sir Bodges



When you are being dragged by a rope into a vehicle, of which you could open a door, it is implied that you follow them in as you are being dragged by them.

The staff member in question has acted accordingly.


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